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And so, we come at last to the final Legend Picspam of Doooom. (Unless folks want me to recap another episode at some point.)

Next day, or maybe the next week, back at the ranch lab saloon, the good citizens of Sheridan are celebrating the downfall of Vera and the arrest of Silas.

it's a device of the genre )
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In the fine tradition of Western chase scenes, Ernest gets his horse shot out from under him takes a bullet in the steam chamber of his quadrovelocipede. It’s not as poignant, but much kinder to the animals.

First scene, second draft )
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Ernest and Bartok break into Vera’s corporate headquarters. This means Ernest stands around while Bortok applies Mysterious Coloured Chemicals™ to a Great Big Safe. (Finally proving, once and for all, that Ernest really is not MacGyver, although Bartok might be.) They find hard evidence of how Vera bribed the governor, and decide to turn it over to the press.

the Slaughtergate break-in )
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While I wait to get the recap going again, here’s one final item: before and after versions of one of the caps. In this scene, Ernest has just gotten off the stagecoach in Sheridan, and everything metal is throwing off sparks from Professor Bartok’s lightning experiments.

This is after cleanup:

self-aggrandisement under cut )
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Bad news, I'm afraid -- the Legend recap will have to go on hold for a short time. My Legend DVD, which had never enjoyed truly robust health, died late last night, before I had gotten much farther with capping.

The Professor was most distressed at the unexpected setback.

I'm currently negotiating for a replacement, and I will also try to get the existing DVD cleaned and doctored up to see if it will rise from the dead. But for the moment, I can't proceed.
Meanwhile, back at the saloon . . .  )
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Vera’s gunman, John Wesley Coe, pulls into town and sets up camp in the saloon, expecting Legend to come find him for a nice friendly shoot-out. Ernest would really rather not, but he can’t get out of it. He has a reputation to uphold, even if it isn’t exactly his own.
Bullslinging, the Sequel! )

Next week: Bartok shoots from the metaphoric hip.


Jun. 11th, 2012 07:00 am
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A brief pause in our narrative: the picspams are taking me quite a while to prep, which is entirely my fault. So while I get a new set ready for tomorrow (that is, Tuesday) here are a couple of out-takes.

one more )
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Bartok now embarks on the making of a Legend, with the help of Lawyer Sullivan, not to mention his own brilliant lab assistant, Huitzilopochtli Ramos. Ernest is pessimistic, and Bartok occasionally ends up with TMI.
Compensation problems? )

But meanwhile, back at the Slaughter ranch, Vera has sent for a professional gunslinger to take Legend down.

Tomorrow: the triggerman comes to town!  Will Ernest become Legendary in time?
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In our last Thrilling Installment, Ernest bs’d fast-talked his way out of getting shot by Silas, Vera Slaughter’s son. Silas recovers from being zapped by Professor Bartok, and his mom plots revenge while the Hungarian farmers party down.*

Science! Brooding! MAGNETS!! )

*No, that is NOT Brian Blessed. He’s much too small and skinny, although he has the beard and the laugh.
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Now the plot thickens! Ernest and Professor Bartok reach town and find the sheriff in the saloon. (Where else?) Bartok has already told Ernest that he’s willing to confess his role in the trickery, but, he declares, it won’t do any good.

Bull-slinging in the Buffalo Saloon )
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At the river, Ernest finally shows us that he’s smart as well as shifty. On the site where the river was moved (by a timely and convenient earthquake), he finds clear traces of Special Effects.

Electricity is really just organized lightning . . . )
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We return to Legend after the commercial break – actually, we return to Ernest. We know it isn’t Legend, because he’s sitting in his jail cell, waiting for his publishers to bail him out, instead of heroically escaping. Also, he’s playing poker with the guy in the next cell.

And cheating. That’s our Ernest!

Captive of Cliches!! )

Tomorrow’s weather forecast for Colorado: cloudy with a 75% chance of special effects. Tune in for details!
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